Ben-Har® Overview

The Ben-Har® family of products includes flame-retardant, silicone rubber coated sleeving that provides excellent electrical insulation and abrasion protection for wiring systems in applications with temperatures ranging from -70ºC to +200ºC. Because the specially formulated silicone rubber is extrusion coated over the non-combustible fiberglass braid, it results in a reinforced sleeving that is superior to ordinary dip-coated sleeving and unreinforced rubber or plastic tubing.

The Ben-Har® Family of Products

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    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    Ben-Har® 1151-FRB
    • Electrical insulation
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Separate/isolate/insulate critical
      circuits and conductors
    • Protecting wiring systems against abrasion,
      impact, harmful drip, splash or spray

Product Spotlight: Ben-Har® 1151-FRB Grade A

Ben-Har 1151-FRB Grade A offers improved flame-retardant characteristics meaning that it is difficult to ignite, has a very slow rate of burn travel and self-extinguishes promptly - even after bottom ignition of a vertical specimen. 1151-FRB Grade A is used to separate/isolate/insulate critical circuits and conductors, as a thermal barrier for limited periods, as identification marking, or as a wire bundling mechanism. It is ideal for protecting wiring systems in modern jet aircraft against abrasion, impact, harmful drip, splash or spray. Qualified by major U.S. airframe manufacturers, 1151-FRB Grade A meets all of the performance requirements of MIL-I-3190/6.

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