ThermShield™ Overview

ThermShield™ products are offered as either a multi-layer thick wall wrappable sleeve or a knitted fabric developed for the insulation of high temperature exhaust systems. The high degree of insulation provided by ThermShield enables exhaust gas to maintain temperature as it moves through the exhaust system. Maintenance of exhaust gas temperature is important in order to ensure complete conversion of exhaust gas and particulates. Complete conversion is necessary to meet the increasingly strict emission regulations set in place by government mandate.

The ThermShield™ Family of Products

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    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    ThermShield™ 1229
    • Thermal containment/ insulation
    • Reduces thermal radiation
    • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Tubes
    • Exhaust System Components
    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    ThermShield™ 1231
    • Thermal containment/ insulation
    • Reduces thermal radiation
    • Exhaust Pipe/EGR
    • Truck SCR/EGP/DPF
    • Engine Manifold
    • Other Exhaust Applications
    • Primary end customer China OEMs

Product Spotlight: ThermShield™ 1231

ThermShield™ 1231 is a multi layer thickwall wrappable sleeving developed for insulation of high temperature exhaust systems. Mainly used in engine compartment for high temperature control such as EGR, manifold and turbo, also in exhaust system to improve gas emission such as SCR, PDF and EGP.

Composed of 3 different layers, ThermShield 1231 is designed with silicone coating fabric on the outside, a fiberglass non-woven as intermediate layer and a high silica fabric on the inside gathered through cutting, folding and sewing manufacturing process. Thickness for the 3 layer structure goes from 5mm to 12mm depending on the thermal application requirements.

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