Repeatable, fast and easy installation

Highly expandable and flexible

Superior Flame Protection during exposure to +1000°C x >30 minutes

Dielectric protection > 2.0kV Post Flame



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  • Product Description

    FyreJacket® 1650 sleeve is a highly expandable fiberglass structure with engineered silicone coating, providing superior flame protection and dielectric resistance. Product is specifically designed as anti-propagation protection in case of Thermal Runaway within EV battery pack.

    The inherent elasticity of FyreJacket 1650 delivers a sleeve solution with easy installation and superior fit on complex busbar geometries. FyreJacket 1650’s ability to contour along with the busbar geometry minimizes space required for Thermal Runaway protection. Space savings is very valuable within battery pack.

    FyreJacket 1650 provides the highest level of protection from Thermal Runaway along with repeatable, reliable and fast installation times. This superior product gives the end user confidence the best solution is in use.

  • Typical Applications

    • Protects busbars from Thermal Runaway
    • Busbars located within EV battery pack
    • Busbar outside EV battery pack
    • Rigid busbars
    • Flexible busbars

  • Datasheet Downloads
  • Support Documentation
  • Sizes / Availability

    Standard Sizes

    Commercial Part Number
    Nominal Diameter (mm)
    FyreJacket 1650 8


    FyreJacket 1650 10


    FyreJacket 1650 12


    FyreJacket 1650 14


    FyreJacket 1650 16


    Color: Orange

    Application based variables will influence the sleeve size required. Routing geometry and application type may present installation and fit challenges that should be considered. Proper sleeve sizing should be confirmed by the end user. Please consult your local sales representative for recommendations and support.

  • Installation Tools

    There are no installation guides available at this time. Please contact your sales representative or distribution team for further support.

  • Product Testing

    Performance Data – FyreJacket® 1650

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    Test Method
    Thermal Runaway

    SP Internal Test Method

    Resists 30 min x 1000°C Flame


    SAE J369


    Dielectric Strength PRE Thermal Runaway (AC and DC)

    ASTM D3755-20

    >5.0 kV Breakdown Voltage

    Dielectric Strength POST Thermal Runaway

    SP Internal Test Method + EN6059-501

    3.0kV x 1 min No Breakthrough
    >3.5kV Breakdown Voltage

    Wall Thickness

    SP Internal Test Method

    < 2.0mm

    All numeric performance data shows average or typical values. Please consult your sales representative for product drawings, test reports and OEM approvals.

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