Fyrejacket® Overview

The Fyrejacket family of products provides high temperature and fire protection for a range of industries. Constructed of inherently flame retardant fibers with flexible silicone coatings, our Fyrejacket products protect hoses, cables, and busbars from fire, thermal runaway, and molten splash.

The FyreJacket® Family of Products

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  • Tubular Installation
    Applications / Industries
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    FyreJacket® 1650
    • Protection for thermal runaway
    • Electrical insulation
    • High voltage cables
    • Rigid busbars
    • Flexible busbars
    • Case liners
    • Cooling systems
    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    FyreJacket® 1610
    • Thermal containment/ insulation
    • Reduces thermal radiation
    • Fuel Lines
    • Brake Lines
    • Power Steering Hose
    • Heater Hose
    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    FyreJacket® Aerospace
    • Protects components in extreme
      temperatures, and assists
      hose manufacturers in
      meeting AS1055 aerospace
      flammability requirements.
    • Hoses and hose assemblies
    • Tubing, piping, and cables
    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    FyreJacket® BP-A
    • Superior flame protection
    • Dielectric resistance
    • Busbars
    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    Industrial FyreJacket®
    • Protection against sustained high temperatures, flames and molten metal splashes
    • Hydraulic hoses
    • Steel cables
  • Wrappable Installation
    Applications / Industries
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    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    FyreJacket® HL
    • Wrappable fire protection utilizing a
      specialty hook and look closure
    • Electrical cables
    • Hydraulic, gas and lubricant
      supply lines

Product Spotlight: FyreJacket® 1650

FyreJacket® 1650 sleeve is a highly expandable fiberglass structure with engineered silicone coating, providing superior flame protection and dielectric resistance. Product is specifically designed as anti-propagation protection in case of Thermal Runaway to ensure a good insulation & performance between the Battery Management Systems & the battery pack.

The inherent elasticity of FyreJacket 1650 delivers a sleeve solution with easy in- stallation and superior fit on complex busbar geometries. FyreJacket 1650’s ability to contour along with the busbar geometry minimizes space required for Thermal Runaway protection. Space savings is very valuable within battery pack.

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